Providing Internet Connectivity

Project Phases

Since the W4C programme launched in 2015, it has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of users from remote areas. The success of the project is the motivation behind the replication of this model in different phases in other cluster-based communities of the country.

Phase 1:

Launching of the pilot project by providing wireless connectivity to the village of Chak Faiz which is near Multan.

Phase 2:

This project is planned to be expanded in three more villages across the country.

Phase 3:

Enhanced content and services will be expanded in the existing regions of W4C programme.

Phase 4:

Emphasis will be given to developing an enabling Internet environment with a special focus on gender inclusion and women empowerment.

Phase 5:

Through the interconnection of networks, the aim will be to provide sustainability to the whole ecosystem of Internet access in the identified areas.