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About Wireless for Communities

Internet Society (ISOC), Asia-Pacific Bureau and COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) have collaborated to initiate the Wireless for Communities (W4C) project in Pakistan. The program started in December 2015 with the aim to democratize the availability of connectivity and enable access to information to citizens in remote rural areas. The program also hopes to address the issue of lack of content, product and services originating from rural areas which affects the economy from reaching to the bottom of the pyramid.

ISOC has been successfully implementing the Wireless for Communities program in South Asia since 2010. The program has also won two international awards, from ITU/MCMC and Public Affairs Asia, respectively. The W4C project in Pakistan will include deployment of a wireless community network, together with training for the community. It will be executed over a couple of phases to help empower the community to harness the benefits of the Internet and how it can

enable social inclusion. The pilot project is being successfully carried out in a rural community of Chak Faiz located near Multan.

The reason behind initiating this program is to help the rural community in Pakistan and in other developing countries reduce the digital divide. Wireless connectivity has emerged as one of the inexpensive technologies to bridge the connectivity gap in remote areas. The last mile wireless connectivity has the potential to resolve the issue of prohibitive cost of deploying conventional wired infrastructure in remotest areas of the country. Internet penetration levels in rural areas are lacking and the combination of poor rural Tele-density and Internet penetration further widens the divide between the haves and have-nots. Deploying traditional communications infrastructure is not always economically viable from both a service provider and subscriber point of view. Therefore, to address these issues and connect remote and underserved regions, Internet Society (ISOC) & COMSATS Internet Services will utilize low-cost Wi-Fi based equipment to connect and empower rural and underserved communities.

Vision & Objectives

To create holistic, community empowered wireless ecosystem to connect rural communities to the internet..

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To address the issue of last mile connectivity, democratize the availability of connectivity, and enable internet accessibility..

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Affiliated Partners

Internet Society (ISOC), Asia-Pacific Bureau and COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) are working together for the development of the Wireless..

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